4 Reasons Why Transcendental Meditation is Ideal for Good Sleep


In today's times, having a sound sleep every night is something that a lot of people crave for. Due to the daily pressures in their lives, many people do not have quality sleep. With the help of transcendental meditation, this issue can be resolved easily. By meditating twenty minutes, twice a day you can a sound sleep. Mentioned below are four reasons why transcendental meditation is ideal for good sleep:

1. Helps in Curing Insomnia
The biggest menace for people in terms of sleeping is insomnia, a disorder in which an individual has trouble sleeping. Across the world, people are suffering from it because of several reasons. By reducing the stress levels in your mind, sleeping properly daily can be possible with the help of transcendental meditation.

2. Regulates Blood Pressure
Individuals who suffer from sleeping disorders such as sleep apnoea are known to have elevated levels of blood pressure at night. Transcendental meditation is a scientific technique that helps in regulating blood pressure. For this reason, it is advised to meditate twice a day for twenty minutes. In a matter of a few weeks, sleeping at night with lowered blood pressure is guaranteed.

3. Ensures Proper REM Sleep
Rapid Eye Movement or REM is experienced by every person approximately ninety minutes after falling asleep. It has been observed that each REM stage lasts up to an hour. If an individual has a sleeping disorder than the different REM stages would not be achieved properly. Thus, sleeping deeply with dreams would not come easy. Transcendental meditation ensures that the mind is free of all thoughts so that you can sleep peacefully.

4. Increase the Level of Melatonin
The human body has a hormone, especially for sleep. It is called melatonin and its main role is to ensure sound sleep every night. Individuals who have reduced levels of melatonin in their system are unable to undisturbed sleep. A seamless technique like transcendental meditation makes sure that there is enough melatonin in the system for inducing sound sleep.

Having good quality sleep is important for efficient day-to-day functioning. You can practice transcendental meditation, one of the best meditation techniques for better sleep.

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